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Just when we think that there possibly can’t be anyone left in the world that hasn’t seen a photo booth at wedding or other event we get proven wrong.

It’s really encouraging for us when we’re assembling a photo booth and get asked “what’s all this then?”.

It’s even more encouraging when guests walk away saying clutching their photos exclaiming “Wow. What a great idea!”.  A photo booth makes such a difference to any event. Still not convinced? Then look at our top 5 five reasons to hire a photo booth.

1. Memories for you AND your guests

Weddings and other social events bring people together, some of whom may not have seen each other in years. Families who don’t see each other often get a great opportunity for a photo together and an instant keepsake of the moment.

2. Brilliant entertainment

We find a lot of brides nowadays want to enhance their wedding with something extra to keep their guests entertained. During our time in business, we’ve attended over 150 weddings and even more balls, parties and corporate events. We can honestly say that nothing will draw a queue like a photo booth.

3. It gets personal

Official wedding and event photography is still a must have and will never be replaced by the photo booth. However, when guests step into a photo booth and pull the curtain they feel relaxed enough to take the pictures that the formal photographers often won’t capture!

4. Get into the Digital Age

Good photo booths allow you to instantly upload photos to a Facebook account or send photos direct to an email address. Take your selfie like no other and put it straight online.

5. Fills the Gap

There is sometimes a gap to fill between the reception for your day guests and the evening event. A photo booth perfectly fills the gap will guests transition from the formal to the fun.

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