June 7, 2014 admin

We love to get dressed up and enjoy a cocktail or two. ¬†So when we got the opportunity to attend the #weddinghour live event and see the Sperry Tent with Papakata at Newby Hall we couldn’t refuse!

The event itself was hosted by the purveyors of fine teepees Papakata and wedding specialists The Wedding AffairInside the Sperry tent. The Wedding Affair were celebrating their 5th anniversary and Papakata were showcasing their latest addition, the elegant Sperry Tent.

As we arrived at the majestic Newby Hall and Gardens around 7pm, the clouds had lifted and the evening sun had started to shine through. We worked our way through the Hall round to the gardens at the back to see the Sperry in all it’s glory.

Make no mistake, this isn’t your standard marquee. The Sperry Tent is made of sailcoth in the USA and is light enough to allow the evening glow to shine through whilst keeping guests warm on the colder days. The Sperry Tent really took off in the US where it has been described as an “icon of the Hamptons wedding and party scene”.

Once inside, we were amazed at its elegance. The inside was tastefully decorated with lights running down from the top of the canopy, relaxing seating, stage and bar area. The inside was warm but not too much so and the floor was made up of weaved matting.

After enjoying the entertainment, learning to play roulette and having a cheeky cocktail we headed back to the less sunny Leeds. If you get the opportunity this weekend, Papkata will be showcasing the Sperry at Newby Hall this Saturday 12pm to 4pm. If you’re getting married soon this is definitely something to consider!




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