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Back in the mid 1990’s as a teenager I was hooked by the CB craze. Me and a couple of school friends would use our “rigs” (Citizen Band radios) to speak to people across the whole of Leeds and Bradford.

A little like social media nowadays, we had never met a lot of these people but friendships developed as we talked the night away with our new found CB comrades. Sometimes we would suggest a meet-up to put a face to a voice – what we called an “eyeball” in CB speak.

CB Radio

It reminds me a lot of how we conduct some of our business through social media nowadays. We engage with a large number of customers through Facebook and organic Google searches. It has taken time and effort to build up a good reputation on some of the Facebook groups. However, in some part due to the actions of an unscrupulous minority we still get asked by some brides if they can meet us in person as they want to ensure that we are who we say we are.

This is completely understandable – I mean, anyone can talk the talk on Facebook and offer someone the earth at a good price. Sadly we’ve seen brides suffer at the hands of people who take their money and then fail to deliver or disappear completely.

This is why we actively encourage our brides to come and see us. It’s one of the main reasons we attend wedding shows and wedding fairs. Yes, we obtain some new business through these but it’s nice to meet potential customers we’ve spoken to on Facebook and gives them the opportunity to ask questions face to face. Alternatively, we invite people round to Picture Us Towers to see us in our home environment and do the same thing.

So when looking for suppliers for your wedding don’t hesitate to ask for an “eyeball” – the good ones will graciously accept your request!


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