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Pit Pit Leeds

Pita Pit Leeds

We couldn’t help but tell you about the newest and healthiest food emporium in Leeds city centre. If you like something healthy and tasty you will not go far wrong in Pita Pit.

It was with some curiosity that we observed the latest Leeds eatery taking shape in the Merrion Centre. We’d not heard of the Pita Pit brand before and to be honest, when I saw the sign go up above this shop I expected supermarket style pita bread stuffed full of limp lettuce and tired vegetables.

So with this thought in mind it was with some trepidation that we decided to stop off for here for breakfast whilst feeling uninspired by the usual fare of McDonalds, Subway or Greggs.

The moment we walked through the door our worries vanished and we transported into a world of food on the go delight. Pita Pit is a worldwide brand with over 460 outlets. Founded in Canada in 1995 it quickly grew and hit UK shores in 2013 with the opening of their Manchester store. The interior is striking with large murals on the walls and a sizeable seated eating area. The staff are still learning the ropes but are very friendly and always welcome you when you come into and leave the store.

Healthy Eating - Pita Style

Healthy Eating – Pita Style

“But what about the food!?” I hear you cry. I opted for the scrambled egg pita and oh boy, was I in for a treat. The pita bread itself comes in white or wholemeal and is nothing like the pita bread we’re used to getting from the supermarket. It’s more like a wrap but lighter and tastier. The food is cooked on a hot plate and comes with an assortment of fresh vegetables (tomato, onion and mushrooms in my case). I also opted for some jalapenos and some spicy sauce to round it off. The pita is then toasted to perfection.

The result is a super tasty and a very healthy meal to go.  I can’t recommend this place enough – thank you for coming to Leeds!


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